Planned Parenthood donors
 & Grants to Other Pro-Abortion Groups 

Who Funds Planned Parenthood and Other Pro-Abortion Groups? your insurance company? your news source? your breakfast cereal manufacturer? your employer? your favorite department store? your bank? Is that what they do with your money?

List compiled by Diane Dew         ( regularly)

"For where your treasure (money) is, there will your heart (interests) be also." Luke 12:34

NOTE: If a company denies a donation listed, READ THIS.

This list was compiled from public records, annual reports, and publications of The Foundation Center.*
 It is therefore NOT FOR SALE, but may be freely distributed. "Freely ye have received, freely give," Jesus said. 

This list is by no means exhaustive (compiling it was exhausting!) Consider this page in a constant state of revision and update.
 Read the program descriptions. The money directives are very insightful. 

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See also Page Two - Additional Donors to Pro-Abortion Groups.

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