When you're walking with God....

No Detour is a Mistake 

by Diane Dew                                                                                                      2002 Diane S. Dew

When your plans get thwarted, do you get frustrated, upset? Or do you trust God that He is at work in the situation for good?
I watched an amazing plan of God unfold the other day, as I went to breakfast with my friend Jan.
We usually get together for fellowship on Monday mornings, but the zero-degree weather and cold winds had frozen the locks on my car; it was impossible to get in. We rescheduled for Tuesday.
As we sat in the restaurant, Jan noticed a middle-aged woman sitting a couple tables away. Now, Jan is a very spiritually minded woman - that's why I like getting together with her; our discussions are never shallow - and she felt drawn to talk to the woman.
"What are you reading?" she asked the lady. From there, Jan gently directed the discussion to her favorite book, the Bible. The woman was drawn to us like a magnet - within minutes, she was sitting at our table, pouring out her heart to us, two strangers who missed our breakfast meeting the day before because of inclement weather. 
Please pray for Joanna. Her husband has died and she is so lonely. And whom did God send to speak with her? A woman who recently lost her own husband - and me, an expert on loneliness!
Joanna is very interested in the things of God. We told her how unusual it was that we were there on that day, as our regularly scheduled get-together was not Tuesdays, but Mondays. We expect her to meet up with us next week, for more God Talk.
When you're walking with God, no detour is a mistake.

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