Discussion Question:

What would you do . . .
if you found out you had one week to live?
Would you do anything differently?

This question has been on my heart. None of us knows how long we have here. My brother, 22, "had his whole life ahead of him," we thought ... when he unexpectedly was called Home. Jesus is coming soon. He said many times to "be ready." But even if he tarries, we should live each day as if it were our last. "Redeeming the time, for the days are evil," as it says. --Diane Dew

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Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time...
It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.

Leo F. Buscaglia

If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make,
who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?

Stephen Levine

Recent responses:

"If I knew the Lord was returning in a week, I would definitely change my schedule. I would take a week off and go plead with all that I knew that they only had one week left to make a decision in their life that they have known all along they need to make and had been putting it off. I would probably even take out an ad on TV pleading with those who don't know him, to change their lives to day, because the end is coming soon, and quicker than anyone ever thinks. Of course, I do plead with those I minister to daily... For the change of my activities, ... even after being a Christian as long as I have been, I still do things I would not want to do, just because I would be busy trying to lead others and not taking my time. That thought is scary. I hate to admit it but I should be doing it now instead of waiting... Thanks for reminding me; I need that shove once in awhile! Beckie" BAS1979@aol.com

"I know I would try harder to tell everyone about Jesus, if this was my last week to live. Also, I would spend the time with my family letting them know what they mean to me and how much I love them. I would let them know they can fight in the spirit to keep Satan from killing Jesus' people. How our prayers are answered when two or more ask in His name. Suzie" Suzie777@aol.com

"Yes, this is a very thought-provoking question. I would probably spend a lot of time in prayer, and I would want to be with my family. I would spend time outside, just enjoying God's creation...listening to the birds, watching the gentle rustling of the leaves on the trees, and of course, smelling the roses. I would want to make sure that I had sought forgiveness from anyone I had wronged, as well as make sure that all my loved ones knew that they really ARE loved. I would fill up a hundred balloons or so with helium, and place a verse from scripture in each one. I would do things just for the fun of doing them and share Christ's love unabashedly to all those around me. I would take risks and live life with no regrets. I would, in one word, LIVE. Michelle" FaithGirl1@aol.com

"I think it is imperative to be able to answer the question you posed with nothing. If we have to change how we are living to accommodate a "last week" we are indeed doing something wrong. I am sad to say that I would have to change, thank you for the nudge back into reality. Christen" peppergirl@IOL10.com

"You are right! It is a thought-provoking question, and a very difficult one to answer. It hits especially hard because I am only 2 years younger than your brother. Of course the standard answers are, I would quit my job, spend more time with my family and friends, etc. Personally, I would have a hard time deciding whether or not to work more often to pay off my debts. I also might like to get married to the love of my life just to have the experience. (We're waiting until I'm at least a senior in college.) Isn't it every little girl's dream to walk down the aisle? But, most importantly, If I found out that this was my last week in this world (no maybes about it), I would most definitely spend the whole week witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ. ‘Only one life, so soon 'tis past. Only what's done for Christ will last.' Thanks for making me think about what's most important." Kingsdahtr@aol.com

‘Occupy till I come'
"This question is likened to: Are you ready to die for your faith in Christ? We often formulate answers based on speculative circumstance. It is good to think about as long as we do not become consumed by it and it prompts us to a deeper relationship with Christ. The two most immediate thoughts for either question are: 1) Make sure there is no sin separating us from God. 2) Call as many people to repentance as possible. But, isn't this how we should be living daily anyway, ‘occupying until He comes' and ‘being ready at a moment's notice.'" Preach4Yah@aol.com

Get married
"Wow, that question really makes me think. Most people would probably answer this question by saying they would spend time with their family and loved ones, or do fun things they have never done before. They are all good experiences to live in your last week here on earth, but my answer is a little different. I would get married to my boyfriend, Juan. Like most girls, I have always had dreams of my wedding day. I wouldn't want to miss out on that. I really love my boyfriend and I would love to be his wife, the only thing making us wait is our age and the fact that we are both in school. But if I where to die in a week those reasons wouldn't really apply anymore. Also, I would hate my parents to be robbed of the experience of seeing their only daughter getting married. If this is the only thing I do before I go home to my Lord and Savior I believe it will definitely be the best thing I ever did in my life. Meralis" Enya1980@aol.com

The world cries, you rejoice
"If it was my last week to live I do not think that I would change the things I do. I am a 16 year old girl and I spend everyday as though it was my last, not in a morbid way but in a way that I try to make sure that if I did die I wouldnt have any regrets about not doing what I should have, like telling people about Jesus. Everyday I spend time with my friends and I try to make sure that they know how much they mean to me. My philosophy on life is, 'When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manor that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.' (Indian Proverb) Nicolle " Docnic4222@aol.com

Three things
"I would continue to do what I am doing now. I have three basic goals in my life. 1) To grow in my relationship with God 2) To grow in my relationship with my wife and family 3) To be passionate and in love with my ministry of forming a biblically functioning community of believers. I would spend time with God, my immediate family and my church family and celebrate the love that God. Pastor Paul Marzahn" XRoadsChur@aol.com

Without ceasing
"I thought you were going to say...'None of us knows what we would do if in this position.' Here's what I think would be a good thing to do: Pray without ceasing! That's the best I can do after several days of thinking... I'm very curious now. Clay" GodsGifts7@aol.com

I have a curiosity
"If my time was nearing with certainty I will be honest to you about this I have a curiosity about leaving here to see the Glories that has been prepared for me. If I was ill to death I will pray that I should be healed and rest assured that the Lord will do what is in my best interest. In 1997 when I was told that I had cancer after my surgery I did not cry. I was not worried. I did not even pray. I was too sick to pray but my Great Father in heaven took care of that problem and delivered me from it all. Cast your burden on the Lord and leave it there. Hallelujah He is Awesome." HvnBnd333@aol.com

My death would be a witness
"I would spend as much time as possible preparing my loved ones for my departure and just being with them because I love them. I would spend time in prayer (already a part of my life, not something new) asking the Lord to be with me through it so that I won't be afraid and so that my death would be a witness to my belief in Him. I would work out the arrangements for my service at church so that everything done would be uplifting and a blessing to my family. I would enjoy ... creation with new eyes." Kccoffman@aol.com

Christ's way
"... we never know when our time is up! I had a pastor ... who had a son who was six years old and the day I left on vacation he was home from school with what they thought was flu... they took him to the doctor, who diagnosed constipation.... Then his grandparents took him to Disneyland, where grandpa had carry him because his legs hurt so they cut it short, brought him home and took him to a different doctor who immediately put him in hospital ... and young Tim was gone in 6 weeks from that first stomach ache from cancer! So you never know. All you can do is live your life according to Christ's way to the best of your ability and try to be ready all the time cause we never know! Marcia" MLHANSON44@aol.com

What I would NOT do...
"Just as easily as saying what I would do, if faced with only one week to live, I can really say what I would NOT do! I would NOT go shopping. I would NOT watch TV. I would NOT argue with my family. I would NOT miss a single scheduled worship service. I would NOT fail to witness to every person who crossed my path. I would NOT waste my time reading anything that lacked the enduring quality of eternity..." Diane Dew

A sense of urgency
"If I had only one week to live, I would use it to tie up loose ends here on earth. By loose ends, I mean all the things I had put off doing for His kingdom, I would do. I once spent a month in Siberia, and it was a month of nothing but sharing Christ with others who were hungry for truth. I had a sense of urgency, as my team wasn't going to be there long, and some people I would see only one time, and knowing this, I made sure there was an opportunity to share Christ with them, and for them to make a decision. If I were blessed to know that I had a week to live, I would have that same, and even greater, urgency for those I love and those I work with, and any others God would put into my life, that they may have an opportuntiy to decide for Christ. Dan" MrTeach2@aol.com

I would not mind
"Be prepared for anything that life can throw at you, even death. God says we will not know the day or the hour of His coming or even our own deaths. You should be living your life like every day is your last, but be prepared to live on. I personally would not mind dying now. I would leave this sinful place and go to heaven. As a Christian, I do not fear death. It has no power over me. Jesus died to save me from it. I know that God will guide and protect me during this lifetime if I only follow Him. When it is His will for me to leave, I will go without a Question. I would not want to stay here if it was His will that I go...." Kdisharoon@aol.com

So do them now
"Notice how certain answers came up repeatedly: 1) spending time with family; 2) spreading the gospel; 3) making things right with people; 4) addressing financial matters. If these things are so important that we would spend our last days doing them, we should set out TODAY to do these things--now." Diane Dew

'The people I'd leave behind'
"Hi, Diane, your question is thought provoking, but there are many times when I long to be with my heavenly father away from the pain and trials of this world. I guess if I knew I had only 1 week to live, I would try to make sure first and foremost that I was right with God, and then I would want to make sure I was right with my family and friends, also making sure they knew that they would see me again someday. I would want to make sure my children were taken care of, and that they knew how much I loved them, and also that my husband would be okay. I am not afraid to die, it is just the people I would leave behind that would make me sad. Paula" TypistPB@aol.com

'... as many as I could see'
"My schedule would change. My primary duty would be to witness to as many as I could see!" QUEEND1@aol.com

Spending time
"I ran across this quote today and thought of your one week to live question... 'Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.'"(Carl Sandburg, 1878-1967)" Kittylee4@aol.com

Renewed focus
"This is a tougher question than it might seem. I believe in living every day as if it were my last, but I rarely live up to that goal. Oh, I live a good moral life, but how often do I keep silent when I ought to be telling the Good News to all around me? I once struggled with thoughts of suicide. I ruled it out then because I felt it would be a ticket straight to hell. Even since that though, I have frequently longed for death, as an escape from the trials of this world into the arms of my heavenly Father. Within the last year of my life, though, He has made it real to my heart that I am here for a purpose. If my purpose on this earth were complete, he would take me home, but there is so much to be done. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are so few. An honest answer to this question: I know that the knowledge of how soon I would get to go home would bring me renewed focus. Oh, there are things I'd want to do. I would want to confirm that members of my family knew how much I loved them, and would encourage them to celebrate with me the step that would take me into the arms of my Lord and Saviour. I know I would enjoy many of the same fruit of the Spirit that I enjoy now, probably in greater measure. Love for the unlovable, joy unspeakable, unexplainable peace, unearthly patience. Knowing the timeframe would spur me to speak, when I might otherwise be silent. I would want to plan a funeral celebration focused on bringing others to the only real meaning in life. Most importantly, and to encompass this all, I would live as the lightbringer I was born to be. My candle would not be hidden. Aaron Geist" aerogeist@writeme.com

Plant a tree
"One of my favorite Martin Luther quotes is about the end of the world. He said, ‘If I thought the world were going to end tomorrow, I would plant a tree today.' It gets to the heart of the matter, that when the end comes (either for the world or for me as an individual) the Lord should find us doing the things we were supposed to be doing all along." EAD4@aol.com

‘Will anyone miss me?'
"The question you ask is an age old question. I think back when my sister died at 21 I asked myself that question. I never had an answer, because I always came to a place of fear. I would think, ‘I could die any minute.' It wasn't until I trusted God with my life, that I could even consider that question. When I got rid of fear, I learned to live. Fear has no place here. A week ago I had a bad asthma attack, and it was scary having to take an ambulance ride and not being able to breathe ... and I find myself asking the question again... What about my kids? Will anybody miss me? What I know now, if God does not forget us is the only thing that matters. I am going through old receipts from 2 years ago, and I thought I don't remember spending this and that. I think the words that proceed out of my mouth are what I will have to ‘give an account of' to God. Besides that I think if nothing can separate my from the love of God in Christ Jesus, not death or life or angels or principalities nor powers nor things present or things to come, or height or depth or any other creature shall ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord, I wonder, What matters in Life. In Isaiah 57:1 God wrote, ‘Many righteous men perish, and no man lays it to heart, that God is delivering them from evil days ahead, and they shall have rest in death...' So, if I live like God is with me and watching me every minute, and trust Him with my life and my death, then I don't have to change anything...accepting the truth that ‘No man has power to retain the spirit in the day of death, and there is no discharge in that war.' God is always good, and always just." JytteG@aol.com

Organize writings
"This is a very thought provoking question. Since I am chronically ill with a number of life-threatening immune system/collagen vascular diseases, I have been in the company of similar thoughts before... The thing I most want to accomplish before I go into the Lord's immediate presence... is not a very 'spiritual' one. [I write poems] ... Some are in disarray in various places. I would want to ascertain that my husband knows where they are and how to access them so that they can continue to be shared.... I would need a secretary or two from a temporary agency to assist me because many need to be typed. My energy would be absorbed in designating the categories for filing my writings. With this done, I believe I could wholeheartedly say, "I have finished my course." ... If God would be pleased, I would want to hold and rock and hug my baby great grandson... I could go into the "Glory Of His Presence" with radiant joy, knowing I go not on my own merits, but on the merits of the Son of God who loves me and has prepared my room in His House forever." SSMNITA@aol.com

Make the best
"... It sure made me think... I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember... I will make the best out of every week and every day and be bold in doing God's wonderful plan even if it conflicts with what I want to do! Thanks so much for being a light on the internet highway. Josh." PresiousD@aol.com

A long love letter
"Prepare a will and plan my funeral. Write a long love letter to my husband. Call my family and say goodbye. Write letters to old friends. Throw out old stuff I wouldn't need and make a long list of things to give away. Pray continually for strength and peace. Read the Bible one last time from cover to cover. Sing songs of praise and worship." Lvanzomere@aol.com

From marathon to sprint
"I brought this up last week in my Sunday morning message, now that you mention it. I am not going to answer your question directly, but just give a comment: We run differently if we are sprinting as opposed to a marathon. Sometimes when we ask people about dying next week, we generate a sprint mentality when God may have us on the marathon track. Just a thought!" MoriahMC@aol.com

Make wise choices
"Yep, the necessity of not being here one week from now would dictate my changing activities. But, does that necessarily mean that what I'm doing now is wrong? I love your challenge ... do we live each day as it is a gift from God? Or do we take "tomorrow" for granted?  ... God does tell us to remain prepared to meet him. So, this suggests we should make wise choices--and remain in confession and prayer--which influences our attitudes and actions. But, saying ‘good bye' and preparing our records for death is what most people will think of when considering this challenge." HIDale@aol.com

Tell youth: Things of the world are mere traps
"Would I change my schedule? I would have to say no. What I may change is what I do at my scheduled events. I hope I would make a concerted effort to present the gospel message to those people I work with, I may be their only chance to hear it. I would tell those I love more about my relationship with Christ... I would explain to my wife and children that I am going on a journey, and that if they remain faithful, they will join me someday in Heaven. My youth groups at church would be encouraged to carry out my work. I want them to take the message of the gospel to their friends. I want them to understand that the things of this world are mere traps laid by Satan... I would encourage them to strengthen themselves. ... I lost a young nephew (near my age) and much of my time has been spent wondering if I did enough for his relationship with Christ, and I know for sure I don't want that to happen again. Larry, Ohio" Talasahel@aol.com

No modifications
"... given a Christian lifestyle, no other modifications need be made were it known that one was only to live a week longer. In fact, I'm not altogether convinced that ‘giving it all up' and ‘waiting to die' would be altogether pleasing to God. Who knows what He works? Some people who have stopped everything altogether because of suspected imminent apocalypse or decease have wound up rather uncomfortable when these things did not materialize. Our times are in His hand...." DoctorKC@aol.com

Not in darkness
"This is indeed a thought-provoking question, and worthy of all consideration among the people of God. Jesus taught us that we should 'be also ready, for at such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man will come...' This 'condition of readiness' is something we must work on daily in our walk with Him. We ... are admonished by the writer of Hebrews to take heed lest at any time there be an evil heart of unbelief in us, and we depart from the living God. Also, when we consider the letters to the seven churches in Asia, He ... commanded them all to repent and to overcome.... God forbid that we be so sure of ourselves that we feel as though we are going to make it no matter what we do.... He who began a good work in us is able to perform it in us until that day... we must watch and keep our garments, lest we walk naked, and the shame of our nakedness appear. I am reminded of Demas, who was Paul's fellow companion in the work of the gospel, and yet came to a place where Paul testified of him that, 'Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world.' God forbid that the cares of this life, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in should choke the word of God in us and we become unfruitful, and that day overtake us unawares. Thank God that we are not in darkness, that that day should overtake us as a thief..." WEJACK777@aol.com

A purpose even in death
"What would I do if I had only one week left in this mortal body? I don't believe any of us could answer that and be certain that what we say is how it would be. It would be very hard to imagine how we would respond with such news. I feel that after a brief time of feeling sorry for myself that God would call me home so soon, I would by His grace come to know that under His loving hands would rest the child who was given a chance to serve Him well on this earth. Although falling very short of serving him with all my heart, mind and soul, I know that He never gave up on me. God has not left me to wander aimlessly. He had a purpose for me and even in death that purpose might be seen. I would spend all the remaining time I could with my wife and children. I would try to be strong and hope to help them see that in dying God gives us strength and hope and with strength and hope He gives us the power to withstand all that dying is. John" JMurray967@aol.com

Introspection; time with family; spread the gospel
."If I knew I was dying and my time was cut down to one week, I would make sure that my soul is in order with my Savior Jesus Christ. Spend time with my family. Use all resource within my power to spread the Gospel of Jesus abroad. Then I would wait for His Angel of Death with my Family at my side. Telling them and leaving last instructions to stay with God so that we can be together again....soon. Very thought provoking question makes me wonder am I on the list for next week's "Death Run"? I will start doing those things now." Dhicks2823@aol.com

Document family history
"I would spend the time documenting my children's lives and mine as well as much family history as I could leave them! I would ... write them a letter telling them that the very most important thing I could do for them and the very most important thing they could do for me is to be sure they made it to heaven." Godsvssel@aol.com

Be good
"I would not change anything, just be good to all I meet and live the 12 steps of AA as I do today, living one day at a time, after all, today may be my last day." ClwBoy321@aol.com

Rest in the Lord; make provision for family; contact two friends; forgive
"Day 1 - Just sit and concentrate on how God delights in the death of his saints, and mull over all the good memories of my life. Days 2-5 Put everything in order for my beloved wife, and contact two good friends to help her through the details and paperwork. Day 6 - Settle things with people who may have ought against me. That way my offering to God would be acceptable. Day - 7 Just be with God, looking for re-assurance. Day - 8 Let Jesus wipe away my tears, because I miss my wife." DSpring287@aol.com

Tell others about Jesus
"...the most important function we have while we are here on earth is to tell others in the crying, dying, sighing populace that Jesus is Everything! I'm toying with the idea for a bumper sticker that says... Without Jesus... Everything Means NOTHING!" Boaz888@aol.com

Same things as now
"If I would change anything it would mean I wasn't living my life to the fullest before and that I wasn't following God's word, and it would mean I wouldn't be ready for His coming. If I was truly a Christian, which I am, I wouldn't change anything because my everyday life calling is to serve Him in all I do. Anything less than that would be wasting precious gifts and time for things other than to give glory to God." JesseFB@aol.com

Time with family
"Hmmm... good question, Im not sure what I would do, I think I would just spend my time with my family, making sure they had good memories of me, and knew how important they were. I guess I could/ would build myself up to feeling excited about moving on. I have thought before about if I would be afraid of death or if I would be able to be excited. I think I would be both! I would hold my children, and have quiet time just being with them as much as I could. I guess I would take some good hard long looks at them--why, I don't know! I would have a feeling of ‘missing' them already, even tho I don't think I would miss them after I was in heaven." Shinab101@aol.com

Review financial matters
"One of the best thoughts, about having a week to live, is to continue to live, providing you have made peace with God. Other people say, they would spend the last week, telling their family, friends, etc, how much that you loved them, and appreciated them, and most importantly, make sure I review important financial matters with my spouse, as to the location of the will, and discuss strategies, to make her life as pleasant as possible. If one is IN CHRIST, and is wearing his robe of righteousness, one need not fear death." MattVila@aol.com

Same things I do now
"I would do the same things I have always been doing. Trying to be a good person do what the Lord would want me to do. Enjoy my life appreciating what I have and, be the caring person that I am to be there for people when they need me." TASHADOW@aol.com

Witness; pray; make things right
"I wouldn't change anything, because I know that we should live everyday as if it might be our last. But I must confess that this is my goal and that I don't achieve it everyday. My first husband died at age 34 and my son died at age 12, so Heaven is always on my mind. But if I knew without a doubt that this was my last week on earth, I would probably follow up on those I'm currently witnessing to and tell them that life is short and ask them if they were assured that if they died, they would go to Heaven. I would urge them to make a commitment to Christ. I would also spend a lot of time down on my knees, praying for their salvation. Also, I would want to make sure that I am at peace with everyone. Currently, I do feel that I am at peace with everyone, but if I wasn't, I would try to make things right. Unforgiveness robs a person of the abundant life that our Lord wants to give. I would also spend time in prayer, asking God to search my heart and purge me of all pride and sin.... I would also spend time trying to clearly show my love to family and friends. I do believe that time is short. I want to make myself available to God's purposes each day. Thanks for asking this question, it gives me new insight into how much I must strive to die to self and live for HIM DAILY!" Kittylee4@aol.com

Pray, confess sin, pray again; spend time
"The very first thing I'd do is pray then go for confession, then pray some more and spend time with people I love and reflect on life--and look forward to the future." Java82681@aol.com

Help others
"I would go and help as many people as I could." Jeremy0131@aol.com

Talk to family; write everyone; witness to everyone; travel; ski...
"First of all, i think we all would be lost for a couple minutes after first finding out. Before we'd consider where we'd be going to be w/ God. At first i would be probably upset because we'd be leaving family/friends behind. Then be thrilled cause we could be w/ God. I think i would tell all of my family/friends how much they really mean to me. start writing to everyone. then from there i would go nuts and start witnessing to everyone i came in contact with (which is sad, because that's what i should be doing now, and i do--it just would seem different when you know you were dying). I would go back to El Salvador and say goodbye to everyone i had met. I would want to go to Colorado and ski (i know that's a little lame, but--we'll it's something i would want, but i know i wouldn't get around to it). then to South Carolina and tell my birth family about God (I have already over and over....) then try and find my birth dad and tell him. a week is really a short time, i think i'll have to give this a little more thought. it does make you think about what really is important and how much we need to witness more than what we already do. alright well i'll have to think more about this. thank you for making me think about this situation!" Cozmil@aol.com

Ride out west; write, visit friends; time with family, tell them about Eternity
"I like the question. It's funny how this so fits my life now. Not that I have a week to live, it's more that I'm seeing that life is short and precious. All our dreams and goals, when for selfish reasons, have little meaning. When life is a race and the end seems so far away. But it's not that far away. Jesus said the time is near and he meant it. On the scale of Eternity, it is near. ... If I had one week to live (assuming I'm not restricted to bed or something) I would take a couple of days riding my cycle through the mountains out west. While I wasn't driving I would be sending letters to all my friends and family around the world. Praising Jesus. I would like to visit my friends in Texas as well. When I was done cruising I would spend time with my family (parents, brothers and sisters. I have no wife or girlfriend), going to dinner and laughing and talking. I would like to show everyone that Heaven is the final goal and nothing on this Earth is worth losing your soul over.I think I would be a little excited and nervous, like going on a big trip or something. But it's easy to speculate all this. If I had a wife or child I was going to be leaving behind, I would be sad or confused...." Turtledodo@aol.com

Reinforce family
"Indeed your question is thought provoking but on the other hand I felt that it might be easier for me than someone else. First of all I would spend 90% of my remaining time with my two teenaged boys reinforcing all the lessons I have tried to teach them over the years and making them aware of all the future trials and tribulations they are likely to face. I would also record those conversations for their benefit for use in the future after I'm gone. I would also spend a great deal of time with my wife in order to convey to her how much I loved her and strengthening her for the future. Lastly, I would touch base with my parents and in-laws in order to encourage them to help look after my family. Most of all, I would intensify my prayers in order to ensure the Father's protection of my family. Walter Bradley." WBrad57682@aol.com

No one knows the hour
"This is really something that should not overtake us but it does, the bible says no one knows the hour or the day, and one should always be ready, however and in many cases, that is not the case. This is a situation that requires absolute faith in the Lord, and that he will bring you into a place with him. Whether he will bring you to heaven or heal you." AVYPOO@aol.com

This day may be last
"This may be the day that the Lord returns or that we have an appointment with death." DGMoose@aol.com

"I have thought of that same question many times as all of us have. The real question is this: If I die where will I spend eternity? None of us knows if we will die in a week or month or a year from now. I'm a professional medical person and have witnessed the deaths of many in my 30 years. Death is a calling by God alone...." Tjaheart@aol.com

This Lady will make a fast exit to meet the Father, should he come or call.... He's coming soon." DCh10433@aol.com

Family, praise
"I would spend it with friends and family members that know the Lord--in praise, singing, reading the word and meditating on the Lord. That is how I would spend my last days--getting closer to the Lord. Karen" KARFARM@aol.com

Time with family, God
"I think what I'd do is spend as much time as I could with my family and when I couldn't be with them, I'd spend as much time as I could with God's Word--not necessarily in that order!" GypsyJo2@aol.com

Love, pray
"If I had a week ? I would hug and kiss and love everyone, and, "pray like hell," and, smile a lot-- ‘cause I'm going home! Jeannee" Jws61263@aol.com

This question moves me
"I've been having a hard time with some stuff lately...This question moves me ..." Sing2Jah@aol.com


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