Eagles Nest    A church with clear vision -  and called to fly

Come, fly with us!


Pastor Tim & Colleen Winter
Meeting at Value Cinema, Pilgrim Village Mall, Pilgrim Rd. & Main St., Menomonee Falls, WI

Services:  Sundays 9:00 a.m.; Nursery provided.

Ladies Bible Studies: Every other Monday 6:30 p.m.; every other Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Call for location.

Mailing address: N84 W19463 Menomonee Ave., Menomonee Falls, Wi 53051 Phone (262) 253-9643  

Email:  Tmwnbhi@execpc.com

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Statement of Purpose

To the Community, Eagles' Nest is a nondenominational church that exists for the purpose of supporting and strengthening the lives of individuals and their families. We will meet together weekly to worship God and share relevant truths from the bible, building relationships with the love of God.

To the Body of Christ, Eagles' Nest is a prophetic church that will preach and teach the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God, raising up and releasing messengers and minstrels to ministry and destiny both here and abroad. We will restore and build the ruins in the tops of the mountains, as the eagles build their nests in the heights overlooking the waters. With God's abundant grace under our wings, will rise up and soar as eagles in the heights of true worship and the riches of His Word. God will establish Eagles' Nest as a place of refuge, and fellowship with the Lord, freely giving to all what God has freely given to us through His Son.

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