We are at war! Know your enemy!. 
"For we are not ignorant of his [Satan's] tactics..." 
(Paul, to the church at Corinth)

Spiritual Warfare:
Exposing the Enemy & His Tactics
The World, the Flesh & the Devil
by Diane Dew

Bible study outlines on issues related to society:

The Battle:
Spiritual Warfare Temptation 
The Enemy:
 Satan, Demons & the Powers of Darkness 
The Weapons of Our Warfare:
 Faith The Written Word Deliverance 
Discernment Prayer Fasting Intercession 
The Enemy's Tactics:
 Sexual Impurity Occultism / Witchcraft Fear Homosexuality 
The Tongue Gossip / Backbiting Drunkenness
Lying Covetousness Jealousy Stealing Backsliding

Every verse on each topic, in a neat outline! For individual or group study.

Included in this kit:
Large, 8.5"x11" format, handbook/manual, 170 pages
3.5 Teacher's Guide disk
Reproducible handouts containing discussion questions /quizzes/ tests
Protective plastic case
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