'Am I my brother's keeper?' (Genesis)

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Questions for Discussion:

What can churches do to help the homeless? Do churches do enough?
Is it even the church's responsibility to help the homeless?
If not, whose responsibility is it? How does your church help the poor?

Use Scripture to support your position where possible.

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Whose responsibility is it?

In ancient Egypt, Joseph set up an exchange program (Gen 41 and 47) in which, while helping the needy, could not in any way be thought to perpetualize itself, because it encouraged independence and self-reliance. People worked for what they received, or traded goods -- and were able, after the famine, to return to the productive lifestyle they had known before. Diane Dew @aol.com

"If any man will not work, let him not eat," Paul says.

Yes, Paul does say that, but many homeless people today are women with children, not able-bodied men! They aren't being lazy; they have a job: caring for their children.

Jesus cared for the poor; he fed the hungry; and he is our example. Essential8 @aol.com

I am a born again, Spirit-filled Christian, I ended up homeless due to circumstances beyond my control... I ended up living [in a shelter]. When I met all the temporary residents I was so sad. People ... Christians included -... have no idea all the different reasons women, in particular, end up homeless. And it makes me absolutely sick to the max when I see their attitude. We ARE to help the poor and homeless and we will ALL stand before God and be judged one day about it. I pray God can soften more hearts to reach out to the masses instead of being so *inward* in their help. kgundersen@soundcom.net

Is there a solution?

 Obviously, churches aren't doing enough, because the problem persists.

 No, this problem will never go away. Jesus said, "The poor will always be with you."

 Sin will always be in the earth, too; but that's no excuse for letting it run rampant.

What can be done?

Around Thanksgiving time, each year, our church collects food for the hungry.

Churches are vacant during the week and being heated anyway. Maybe they could open their doors to help the needy.

 ... we are being prepared to take in a beaten wife and her two children soon (someone from the Internet). We have never met her, but we know it is the Lord's will that we help her.... Mr. & Mrs. Mustik

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