Spiritual/Physical Healing: "We have been trying to have a baby for the last nine years with no luck; so please pray for us that God will let us have a baby, and strengthen us spiritually." JESSE K1 @aol.com 8/17

Spiritual/Physical: "My son has had four back surgeries and is facing another. He also needs to get his life back with the Lord. Also pray for our family (unspoken)." PILGRIM233 @aol.com 8/17

Physical/Emotional/Family Problems: "Father needs a miraculous touch. He had a stroke and has had seizures. He is an awesome man of God but needs a touch... Family is having an extremely hard time emotionally and financially." ChikofGod @aol.com 8/17

Emotional: "I have a big problem with anger lately. I was going out with a guy who I recently found out cheated on me and was lying about me behind my back. I am very angry with him and am trying to let go of the anger but it's not working very well. I would appreciate prayers that I can have a peace about this situation and a forgiveness for him." JCSoulFire @aol.com 8/17

Physical: "My sister needs prayer. She has asthma and is not able to work as much as she needs to." bcollins@seark.net 8/17

Spiritual/Emotional/ Family Problems: "Please lift up my family and pastor in prayer. For a while now, we have noticed a definite change in the life of our pastor as well as the congregation that is not to be bragged about. We have seen our church go from an onfire one to a seemingly cold-hearted one where the pastor does not seem to listen to the hearts of anyone. My mother is very hurt. We decided to leave the church when our pastor refused to even talk to us about what we saw. Pray that my family will be guided as we look for the church God would have us at. Also for my mother, that she'd be free of her pain." EJ7 KNIGHT @aol.com 8/16

Physical: "Pray for Kay and her family. She is in the hospital, dying of brain cancer." mmmjustme @webtv.net 8/16

Physical: Nonspecific request for healing. Adiciple @aol.com 8/16

Physical: "Our precious preemie had to have major surgery. Out little great-grandson, born July 20, had to have abdominal surgery and is in a special unit. At 4 pounds, he is a very sick little baby, with heart problems. He will have to be on a heart monitor for a year and have tube feedings for 4-6 weeks." SSMNITA @aol.com 8/15

Healing: "Pray for this girl I'm with ... Natali. She just found out she has leukemia. They're doing more tests to see what kind. I talked to the doctors and they say she has a good chance because they caught it soon. I ask if you'll pray for her and me." H5192 @aol.com 8/14

Surgery: "Pray for a sister at my church who went in the hospital last week for surgery, was released, and had to go back in due to an infection. They had to operate on her again two days ago. Please lift up her husband and two small children. May they continue to remain faithful to God." RBSMSW @aol.com 8/13

Spiritual: "I talked with VO this afternoon who requests prayer for a brother involved in a 'relationship' with a woman who has 2 children. He is also using drugs, apparently heavily. Pray for repentance, salvation, deliverance and victory." SSMNITA @aol.com 8/13

Family Problems: "Pray for the marriage of Kelley and Eric. They are going through a bad storm and Kelley is wanting to bail out... Pray for all the hurts, disappointments, financial needs ... Pray for God's protection of the innocent children." DrDldoug @aol.com 8/13

Emotional: "I am a single lady who has lived for God since childhood and have always trusted God . I sincerely am seeking God's will for me in regard to my mate and ministry. It is hard sometimes to know that God knows best for me; loneliness can be overwhelming at times. Would appreciate your prayers in this regard." Songbrd2 @aol.com 8/12

Spiritual/Financial: "I have been sober 13 years. I am in worse shape financially now than ever . Have a good spiritual program most of the time but finding my faith slips now and then... I am 57 and live in a small town. I need a job and am willing to do most anything.... Pray that I find work soon." Dianne631 @aol.com 8/12

Spiritual/Family Problems: An unspecified request. dounowhatIno@webtv.net 8/12

Spiritual: "What wonderful pages on backsliding. How I pray our daughter, 23, could see this. Pray that she will come in contact with someone who will be able to reach her. We have only seen her twice in the past year.... She will not talk to us and we must wait until she is ready. God brought our dear daughter to us as a 2 1/2 year old off of the streets of L.A. I know God did not bring her into a Christian home to lose her like this. We are standing on Jer 31:16-17. God has promised to bring our children home. Sheila has left family, church, Christian friends, and her Lord for an unsaved man. Pray for her salvation and her return home." JER3116 @webtv.net 8/11

Spiritual/Family Problems: "Pray for my six children to come back to Jesus. Their names are: Tara, Rosemary, Kimberly, Lora, Debbie andDavid." EYESOFFIRE @webtv.net 8/11

Physical: "NannynTex@aol.com's husband had a heart attack today. Please pray for him, the family and medical personnel who attend him. Nanny's blood pressure goes up easily. She is a real prayer warrior for onliners and now she needs our prayers." submitted by: SSMNITA @aol.com 8/10

Financial/Emotional: "I need to sell my house at the beginning of the school year. Also pray for God's leadership and wisdom regarding school administration and faculty, and unity amongparents, teachers and students." GtownDR @aol.com 8/10

Spiritual/Financial/Family Problems: "We took over a small family motel in January. He sent us a family we feel he wants us to help. The wife is unable to pay her restitution payments from an arrest. She has turned her whole life around. God is really moving. She is pregnant, has three littles ones, and her husband is without steady work... She is one of my maids at present. They are a precious family but a lot is hitting them. The husband needs steady employment. The wife is growing in hunger for God but he is still leary as he had a bad experience when young -- molested by a priest. The boys have been without proper discipline as they had drug addicts for parents up until a few months ago. They have no real family to speak of and it appears my family is it. My husband and I are like parents, landlords and employers all rolled up in one. I will be going to court with Angie on the 17th. We need great favor with the judge to allow reduced monthly payments on her restitution until they are more stable financially. David's previous employer ran out without paying.... I have never seen a family work so hard. Please pray and mail me anything you wish to share with them as encouragement." DebDMitch @aol.com 8/9

Financial: "Pray for my oldest daughter and her family. They are in very bad financial shape. They have just recently given their lives over to the Lord. They are really trying to make it, but are struggling." JABBER50 @aol.com 8/8

Financial: "I am a nurse, starting my own business providing foot care for seniors. I have not been able to work in a traditional setting due to caring for my aged mother and being a single parent to my 5-year-old. I feel this work would be a ministry and beautifully follow Jesus' example of washing the disciples' feet. My problem is getting out and 'marketing' my service. I am intimidated and fearful about this part of the business, and have a competitor in the area who is very outgoing, confident, and salesman-like. I need prayers to find a way to reach the people I can help." NurseSvc @aol.com 8/8