THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 14, 1921

Front pate, 3 line, 1 col. head: "Police Veto Halts Birth Control Talk; Town Hall In Tumult" & subheads: "Mrs. Sanger and Mary Winsor, Leaders in Movement Arrested at Meeting." "Audience Storm Stage," "Sergeant Seizes Mrs. Sanger as She Starts to Speak--Police Buffeted by Crowd."

"No further explanation offered by raiders--100 reserves on guard in 43d Street."

"A mass meeting to discuss 'Birth Control: Is It Moral?' was broken up by the police at the Town Hall last night. Hundreds of men and women, many socially prominent, derided the police and urged the speakers to defy the order not to speak.

"After an hour of uproar and disorder..."


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