Permission is granted for the buyer to reproduce and distribute copies of the Teacher’s Guides for Diane Dew’s topical bible study outlines, as long as they are distributed free of charge, without reimbursement for so much as the cost of copying. "Freely you have received, freely give."

The books on which these questions are based, however, are protected by copyright law and, thus, are not reproducible, but must be purchased from the author, at the address below. "The laborer is worthy of his hire." Prices are kept at a minimum so that anyone, whatever his/her financial status, can afford them.

The Teacher's Guides sheets are useful for both individual and group study. They may be reproduced for distribution to members of a class and used as worksheets, or handouts, for participants to follow along with, as the teacher leads. They may also be used again later in the semester as tests, or quizzes, to determine the effectiveness of the class – i.e., to see how much the individuals have absorbed from the teaching. If used by the teacher alone, the questions may be used to prompt class discussion.

A disk is also provided, which contains a text file of the enclosed material. Thus, particular questions can easily be deleted or modified, or others added, without having to retype the text.

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