Corning contributes to abortion provider

Diane Dew

The company-sponsored foundation of a worldwide manufacturer of cookware and tableware products, sunglasses, and many other products, is a contributer to Planned Parenthood, largest abortion provider in the world.

A leader in the housewares industry since the introduction of Pyrex bakeware in 1915, Corning's glass-ceramics led to the development of Corning Warecookware  in 1957.

According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Corning Incorporated Foundation authorized payments of $25,000 in 1995 and $25,000 in 1994 to Planned Parenthood of the Southern Tier in Elmira, NY.

Corning Incorporated creates technologies for the fastest growing segments of the world's economy, including optical fiber, cable and photonic components; high-performance glass for televisions and other electronic displays for the communications and related industries; and advanced materials for scientific, environmental and life sciences markets.

With corporate headquarters ocated in Corning, New York, Corning Incorporated and its subsidiaries maintain 41 plants (25 in the U.S.) and 37 sales or service offices worldwide. The company maintains operations, subsidiaries, offices or associated companies in 22 countries, with 17,500 employees worldwide.

For a complete list of company products online, visit Corning's website:

(aka: Corning Glass Works Foundation)

Corning, NY 14831

Phone: (607) 974-8746
Toll-free: (800) 222-7740
Outside U.S. (607) 974-0353

Fax (607) 974-0345

Kristin A. Swain, Pres.

Corning website:

Fiscal Date: 12/31/96
Assets: $3,437,043
Total Giving: $2,972,008

Who else funds abortion?
your bank? your insurance company? your employer?

Who funds gay & lesbian groups?

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