Had this girl, in dire poverty, sought out an illegal source for the abortion, the story would have made front-page news. With details.

Media conceal details of teen abortion death

DIANE DEW in The Standard, 1992

Is the media biased on abortion?

A story in the Milwaukee Sentinel December 12, 1990 seems to indicate so.

According to the Associated Press story, a $1.2 million settlement for the death of a 13-year-old by abortion called for only a two-sentence blurb.

Following is the uncut story, as it appeared in the Sentinel:

"The family of a 13-year-old girl who died after a failed abortion has received a $1.2 million jury award, the largest wrongful-death abortion payment in state history. A jury decided in the case of Dawn Ravenell, who died in 1985 after the abortion at the Eastern Women's Center in Manhattan."

Where's the story?

Had this girl, in dire poverty, sought out an illegal source for the abortion, the story would have made front-page news.

But here it is, two sentences, on page 7 of section B.

Where are the details?

For example: Had the teen's parents been informed of, and had they consented to, the abortion? Was parntal consent required by law in the state in which this tragedy occurred? By whom had the child been referred to the physician? a school health official? Planned Parenthood?

What was the physician's name? (Would you want your daughter going to see him, even for a routine gynecological exam?) Was this his first abortion-related homicide? By "failed abortion," does the writer mean the baby lived? (In a "successful" abortion, the baby dies.) What form of punishment, if any, did the "physician" receive? How long had he been practicing? At what stage of pregnancy was the child when the abortion was performed? Was this her first?

The public, and parents in particular, have a right to know!

Is the media biased on abortion?

Is Jesus coming soon?

Abortion is BIG BU$INE$$... and the 'doctors' are making a KILLING!!!


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Who Funds Planned Parenthood
& Other Pro-Abortion Groups?

Your insurance company?
Your favorite department store?
Your breakfast cereal maker?
Your news provider?

Why should we care what they do with their money?
"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Luke 12:34

In other words, media dedicated enough to a cause to support it
financially probably also are biased toward that issue in their reporting.

"For they are a nation lacking in counsel & there is no understanding in them. Would that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would discern their future!" Deut 32:28 "They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons & their daughters...& the land was polluted with blood..." Psa106:38


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