The ABC's of Fetal Development

.From the moment of conception, the unborn child is a living, separate being apart from the mother. At fertilization, cellular development begins; sex is already determined. At implantation the new life consists of hundreds of cells and has developed a protective hormone to prevent maternal rejection.

17 days ... own blood cells; placenta is developed

18 days ... pulsations of muscle (future heart)

19 days ... eyes develop

20 days ... foundation of entire nervous system is laid

24 days ... heart beats

28 days ... muscles developing; arms and legs forming

30 days ... blood flows; ears and nasal development have begun;
child has grown 10,000 times, to 6-7 mm (1/4 in.) long

35 days ... pituitary gland in brain is forming

40 days ... heart energy measured at 20% of adult's

42 days ... skeleton is complete; reflexes are present;
penis is forming in boys; brain co-ordinates movement of muscles & organs

43 days ... brain waves can be recorded

45 days ... spontaneous movements; buds of milk teeth appear

49 days ... appearance the same as a doll: complete fingers, toes, ears;
lips are sensitive to touch; ears may resemble family pattern

56 days ... all organs functioning -- stomach, liver, kidney, brain; lines in palms
name changed from Embryo to Fetus;
3 cm (1 1/8 in) sitting height; 1/30 oz weight;
all parts present; now just increases in size;

8 1/2 weeks ... fingerprints engraved; eyelids and palms of hands sensitive to touch

9th & 10th week ... squints, swallows, retracts tongue;
grasps object in palm; sucks thumb; fingernails forming

11th & 12th week ... arms & legs move; sucks thumb; smiles;
inhales and exhales amniotic fluid; nails appearing; urinates; makes a fist

16 weeks (4 mos.) ... genital organs clearly differentiated;
grasps with hands; swims, kicks and turns somersaults

4-5 months ... mother first feels baby's movements
responds to slammed door, sounds in frequencies too high or low for adults to hear

18 weeks ... vocal cords working ... could cry if had air

20 weeks ... hair appears on head; weight 1 lb.; height: 12 ins.



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Who Funds Planned Parenthood
& Other Pro-Abortion Groups?

Your insurance company?
Your favorite department store?
Your breakfast cereal maker?
Your news provider?

Why should we care what they do with their money?
"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Luke 12:34

In other words, media dedicated enough to a cause to support it
financially probably also are biased toward that issue in their reporting.