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Naam, fair; pleasant Naamah, Naaman, beautiful; agreeable Naarah, Naarai, young person Naashon, that foretells; that conjectures Nabal, fool; senseless Naboth, words; prophecies Nachon, ready; sure Nachor, same as Nahor Nadab, free and voluntary gift; prince Nagge, clearness; brightness; light Nahaliel, inheritance; valley of God Nahallal, praised; bright Naham, Nahamani, comforter; leader Naharai, my nostrils; hot; anger Nahash, snake; serpent Nahath, rest; a leader Nahbi, very secret Nahor, hoarse; dry; hot Nahshon, same as Naashon Nahum, comforter; penitent Nain, beauty; pleasantness Naioth, beauties; habitations Naomi, beautiful; agreeable Naphish, the soul; he that rests, refreshes himself, or respires Naphtali, that struggles or fights Narcissus, astonishment; stupidity Nason, helper; entry-way Nathan, given; giving; rewarded Nathanael, the gift of God Nathan-melech, the gift of the king, or of counsel Naum, same as Nahum Nazareth, separated; crowned; sanctified Nazarite, one chosen or set apart Neah, moved; moving Neapolis, the new city Neariah, child of the Lord Nebai, budding; speaking; prophesying Nebaioth, words; prophecies; buds Neballat, prophecy; budding Nebat, that beholds Nebo, that speaks or prophesies Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadrezzar, tears and groans of judgment Nebushasi_hahban, speech; prophecy; springing; flowing Nebuzar-adan, fruits or prophecies of judgment Necho, lame; beaten Nedabiah, prince or vow of the Lord Neginoth, stringed instruments Nehelamite, dreamer; vale; brook Nehemiah, consolation; repentance of the Lord Nehum, comforter; penitent Nehushta, made of brass Nehushtan, a trifling thing of brass Neiel, commotion, or moving, of God Nekoda, painted; inconstant Nemuel, the sleeping of God Nepheg, weak; slacked Nephish, same as Naphish Nephishesim, diminished; torn in pieces Nephthalim, same as Naphtali Nephthoah, opening; open Nephusim, same as Nephishesim Ner, a lamp; new-tilled land Nereus, same as Ner Nergal, the great man; the hero Nergal-sharezer, treasurer of Nergal Neri, my light Neriah, light; lamp of the Lord Nethaneel, same as Nathanael Nethaniah, the gift of the Lord Nethinims, given or offered Neziah, conqueror; strong Nezib, standing-place Nibhaz, budding; prophesying Nibshan, prophecy; growing of a tooth Nicanor, a conqueror; victorious Nicodemus, victory of the people Nicolas, same as Nicodemus Nicolaitanes, followers of Nicolas Nicopolis, the city of victory Niger, black Nimrah, Nimrim, leopard; bitterness; rebellion Nimrod, rebellion (but probably an unknown Assyrian word) Nimshi, rescued from danger Nineveh, handsome; agreeable Nisan, standard; miracle Nisroch, flight; proof; temptation; delicate No, stirring up; forbidding Noadiah, witness, or ornament, of the Lord Noah, repose; consolation Noah, that quavers or totters (Zelophehad's daughter) Nob, discourse; prophecy Nobah, that barks or yelps Nod, vagabond; fugitive Nodab, vowing of his own accord Noe, same as Noah Nogah, brightness; clearness Noha, rest; a guide Non, posterity; a fish; eternal Noph, honeycomb; anything that distills or drops Nophah, fearful; binding Nun, same as Non Nymphas, spouse; bridegroom

Obadiah, servant of the Lord Obal, inconvenience of old age Obed, a servant; workman Obed-edom, servant of Edom Obil, that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed Oboth, dragons; fathers; desires Ocran, a disturber; that disorders Oded, to sustain, hold or lift up Og, a cake; bread baked in ashes Ohad, praising; confessing Ohel, tent; tabernacle; brightness Olympas, heavenly Omar, he that speaks; bitter Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O Omri, sheaf of corn On, pain; force; iniquity Onam, Onan, same as On Onesimus, profitable; useful Onesiphorus, who brings profit Ono, grief or strength or iniquity of him Ophel, a tower; darkness; small white cloud Ophir, fruitful region Ophni, wearisomeness; folding together Ophrah, dust; lead; a fawn Oreb, a raven Ornan, that rejoices Orpah, the neck or skull Oshea, same as Joshua Othni, my time; my hour Othniel, the hour of God Ozem, that fasts; their eagerness Ozias, strength from the Lord Ozni, an ear; my hearkening

Paarai, opening Padan-aram, cultivated field or table-land Padon, his redemption; ox-yoke Pagiel, prevention, or prayer, of God Pahath-Moab, ruler of Moab Pai, Pau, howling; sighing Palal, thinking Palestina, which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin Pallu, marvelous; hidden Palti, deliverance; flight Paltiel, deliverance; or banishment, of God Pamphylia, a nation made up of every tribe Paphos, which boils, or is very hot Parah, a cow; increasing Paran, beauty; glory; ornament Parbar, a suburb Parmashta, a yearling bull Parmenas, that abides, or is permanent Parnach, a bull striking, or struck Parosh, a flea; the fruit of a moth Parshandatha, given by prayer Paruah, flourishing; that flies away Pasach, thy broken piece Pasdammin, portion or diminishing of blood Paseah, passing over; halting Pashur, that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness Patara, trodden under foot Pathros, Pathrusim, mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin Patmos, mortal Patrobas, paternal; that pursues the steps of his father Pau, same as Pai Paul, small; little Paulus, same as Paul Pedahzur, strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption Pedaiah, redemption of the Lord Pekah, he that opens; that is at liberty Pekahiah, it is the Lord that opens Pekod, noble; rulers Pelaiah, the Lord's secret or miracle Pelaliah, entreating the Lord Pelatiah, let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord Peleg, division Pelethites, judges; destroyers Pelonite, falling; secret Peniel, face or vision of God; that sees God Peninnah, pearl; precious stone; the face Pentapolis, five cities Pentateuch, the five books of Moses Pentecost, fiftieth Penuel, same as Peniel Peor, hole; opening Perazim, divisions Peresh, horseman Perez, divided Perez-Uzza, division of Uzza, or of strength Perga, very earthy Pergamos, height; elevation Perida, separation; division Perizzites, dwelling in villages Persia, that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman Persis, same as Persia Peruda, same as Perida Peter, a rock or stone Pethahiah, the Lord opening; gate of the Lord Pethuel, mouth of God; persuasion of God Peulthai, my works Phalec, same as Peleg Phallu, Pallu, admirable; hidden Phalti Palti, deliverance, flight Phanuel, face or vision of God Pharaoh, that disperses; that spoils Pharez, division; rupture Pharisees, set apart Pharpar, that produces fruit Phebe, shining; pure Phenice, Phoenicia, red; purple Phichol, the mouth of all, or every tongue Philadelphia, love of a brother Philemon, who kisses Philetus, amiable; beloved Philip, warlike; a lover of horses Philippi, same as Philip, in the plural Philistines, those who dwell in villages Philologus, a lover of letters, or of the word Phinehas, bold aspect; face of trust or protection Phlegon, zealous; burning Phrygia, dry; barren Phurah, that bears fruit, or grows Phygellus, fugitive Phylacteries, things to be especially observed Pi-beseth, abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast Pi-hahiroth, the mouth; the pass of Hiroth Pilate, armed with a dart Pinon, pearl; gem; that beholds Piram, a wild ass of them Pirathon, his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture Pisgah, hill; eminence; fortress Pisidia, pitch; pitchy Pison, changing; extension of the mouth Pithom, their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth Pithon, mouthful; persuasion Pochereth, cutting of the mouth of warfare Pontius, marine; belonging to the sea Pontus, the sea Poratha, fruitful Potiphar, bull of Africa; a fat bull Potipherah, that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat Prisca, ancient Priscilla, same as Prisca Prochorus, he that presides over the choirs Puah, mouth; corner; bush of hair Publius, common Pudens, shamefaced Pul, bean; destruction Punites, beholding; my face Punon, precious stone; that beholds Pur, Purim, lot Putiel, God is my fatness Puteoli, sulphureous wells

Quartus, fourth

Raamah, greatness; thunder; some sort of evil Raamiah, thunder, or evil, from the Lord Rabbah, great; powerful; contentious Rabbi, Rabboni, my master Rabmag, who overthrows or destroys a multitude Rab-saris, chief of the eunuchs Rab-shakeh, cup-bearer of the prince Raca, worthless; good-for-nothing Rachab, same as Rahab Rachal, to whisper; an embalmer Rachel, sheep Raddai, ruling; coming down Ragau, friend; shepherd Raguel, shepherd, or friend of God Rahab, proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt) Rahab, large; extended (name of a woman) Raham, compassion; a friend Rakkath, empty; temple of the head Rakkon, vain; void; mountain of enjoyment Ram, elevated; sublime Ramah, same as Ram Ramath, Ramatha, raised; lofty Ramathaim-zophim, the two watch-towers Ramath-lehi, elevation of the jaw-bone Ramath-mizpeh, elevation of the watch-tower Ramiah, exaltation of the Lord Ramoth, eminences; high places Raphah, Raphu, relaxation; physic; comfort Reaiah, vision of the Lord Reba, the fourth; a square; that lies or stoops down Rebekah, fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased Rechab, square; chariot with team of four horses Reelaiah, shepherd or companion to the Lord Regem, that stones or is stoned; purple Regemmelech, he that stones the king; purple of the king Rehabiah, breadth, or extent, of the Lord Rehob, breadth; space; extent Rehoboam, who sets the people at liberty Rehoboth, spaces; places Rehum, merciful; compassionate Rei, my shepherd; my companion; my friend Rekem, vain pictures; divers picture Remaliah, the exaltation of the Lord Remmon, greatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree Remphan, prepared; arrayed Rephael, the physic or medicine of God Rephaiah, medicine or refreshment of the Lord Rehpaim, giants; physicians; relaxed Rephidim, beds; places of rest Resen, a bridle or bit Reu, his friend; his shepherd Reuben, who sees the son; the vision of the son Reuel, the shepherd or friend of God Reumah, lofty; sublime Rezeph, pavement; burning coal Rezin, good-will; messenger Rezon, lean; small; secret; prince Rhegium, rupture; fracture Rhesa, will; course Rhoda, a rose Rhodes, same as Rhoda Ribai, strife Riblah, quarrel; greatness to him Rimmon, exalted; pomegranate Rinnah, song; rejoicing Riphath, remedy; medicine; release; pardon Rissah, watering; distillation; dew Rithmah, juniper; noise Rizpah, bed; extension; a coal Rogelim, a foot or footman Rohgah, filled or drunk with talk Romamti-ezer, exaltation of help Roman, strong; powerful Rome, strength; power Rosh, the head; top, or beginning Rufus, red Ruhamah, having obtained mercy Rumah, exalted; sublime; rejected Ruth, drunk; satisfied

Sabaoth, Lord of hosts Sabeans, captivity; conversion; old age Sabtah, a going about or circuiting; old age Sabtechah, that surrounds; that causes wounding Sacar, wares; a price Sadducees, followers of Sadoc, or Zadok Sadoc, or Zadok, just; righteous Salah, mission; sending Salamis, shaken; test; beaten Salathiel, asked or lent of God Salcah, thy basket; thy lifting up Salem, complete or perfect peace Salim, foxes; fists; path Sallai, Sallu, an exaltation; a basket Salma, peace; perfection Salmon, peaceable; perfect; he that rewards Salome, same as Salmon Samaria, watch-mountain Samlah, his raiment; his left hand; his astonishment Samos, full of gravel Samothracia, an island possessed by the Samians and Thracians Samson, his sun; his service; there the second time Samuel, heard of God; asked of God Sanballat, bramble-bush; enemy in secret Sanhedrin, sitting together Sansannah, bough or bramble of the enemy Saph, rushes; sea-moss Saphir, delightful Sapphira, that relates or tells Sarah, lady; princess; princess of the multitude Sarai, my lady; my princess Sardis, prince of joy Sardites, removing a dissension Sarepta, a goldsmith's shop Sargon, who takes away protection Sarid, remaining; hand of a prince Saron, same as Sharon Sarsechim, master of the wardrobe Saruch, branch; layer; lining Satan, contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser Saul, demanded; lent; ditch; death Sceva, disposed; prepared Seba, a drunkard; that turns Sebat, twig; scepter; tribe Secacah, shadow; covering; defense Sechu, defense; bough Secundus, second Segub, fortified; raised Seir, Seirath, hairy; goat; demon; tempest Sela, a rock Sela-hammah-lekoth, rock of divisions Selah, the end; a pause Seled, affliction; warning Seleucia, shaken or beaten by the waves Sem, same as Shem Semachiah, joined to the Lord Semaiah, obeying the Lord Semei, hearing; obeying Senaah, bramble; enemy Seneh, same as Senaah Senir, bed-candle; changing Sennacherib, bramble of destruction Seorim, gates; hairs; tempests Sephar, book; scribe; number Sepharad, a book descending Sepharvaim, the two books; the two scribes Serah, lady of scent; song; the morning star Seraiah, prince of the Lord Seraphim, burning; fiery Sered, dyer's vat Sergius, net Serug, branch; layer; twining Seth, put; who puts; fixed Sethur, hid; destroying Shaalabbim, understanding, or son of a fox Shaalbim, that beholds the heart Shaalbonite, a fox's building Schaaph, fleeing; thinking Shaaraim, gates; valuation; hairs Shaashgaz, he that presses the fleece; that shears the sheep Shabbethai, my rest Shachia, protection of the Lord Shadrach, tender, nipple Shage, touching softly; multiplying much Shalem, same as Salem Shalim, same as Salim Shalisha, three; the third; prince; captain Shallum, perfect; agreeable Shalmai, my garment Shalman, peaceable; perfect; that rewards Shalmaneser, peace; tied; chained; perfection; retribution Shamariah, throne or keeping of the Lord Shamed, destroying; wearing out Shamer, keeper; thorn; dregs Shamgar, named a stranger; he is here a stranger Shamhuth, desolation; destruction Shamir, Shamer, prison; bush; lees; thorn Shammah, loss; desolation; astonishment Shammai, my name; my desolations Shammoth, names; desolations Shammuah, he that is heard; he that is obeyed Shamsherai, there a singer or conqueror Shapham, Shaphan, rabbit; wild rat; their lip; their brink Shaphat, judge Sharai, my lord; my prince; my song Sharar, navel; thought; singing Sharezer, overseer of the treasury, or of the storehouse Sharon, his plain; his song Shashai, rejoicing; mercy; linen Shashak, a bag of linen; the sixth bag Shaul, Saul, asked; lent; a grave Shaveh, the plain; that makes equality Shealtiel, same as Salathiel Sheariah, gate of the Lord; tempest of the Lord Shear-jashub, the remnant shall return Sheba, captivity; old man; repose; oath Shebam, compassing about; old men Shebaniah, the Lord that converts, or recalls from captivity Shebarim, breakings; hopes Sheber, breaking; hope Shebna, who rests himself; who is now captive Shebuel, turning, or captivity, or seat, of God Shecaniah, habitation of the Lord Shechem, part; portion; back early in the morning Shedeur, field of light; light of the Almighty Shehariah, mourning or blackness of the Lord Shelah, that breaks; that unties; that undresses Shelemiah, God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace Sheleph, who draws out Shelesh, captain; prince Shelomi, Shelomith, my peace; my happiness; my recompense Shelumiel, same as Shelemiah Shem, name; renown Shema, hearing; obeying Shemaiah, that hears or obeys the Lord Shemariah, God is my guard Shemeber, name of force; name of the strong Shemer, guardian; thorn Shemida, name of knowledge; that puts knowledge Sheminith, eighth (an eight-stringed instrument) Shemiramoth, the height of the heavens Shemuel, appointed by God Shen, tooth; ivory; change Shenazar, treasurer of a tooth Shenir, lantern; light that sleeps Shephatiah, the Lord that judges Shephi, beholder; honeycomb; garment Shepho, desert Shephuphan, serpent Sherah, flesh; relationship Sherebiah, singing with the Lord Sheshach, bag of flax or linen Sheshai, six; mercy; flax Sheshan, lily; rose; joy; flax Sheshbazzar, joy in tribulation; joy of the vintage Shethar, putrefied; searching Shethar-boznai, that makes to rot; that seeks those who despise me Sheva, vanity; elevation; fame; tumult Shibboleth, Sibboleth, ear of corn; stream or flood Shibmah, overmuch captivity, or sitting Shicron, drunkenness; his gift; his wages Shiggaion, a song of trouble or comfort Shihon, sound; wall of strength Shihor-libnah, blackness of Libnah Shilhi, Shilhim, bough; weapon; armor Shillem, peace; perfection; retribution Shiloah, same as Siloah Shiloh, sent Shiloh (name of a city), peace; abundance Shilom, tarrying; peace-maker Shilshah, three; chief; captain Shimeah, Shimeath, that hears, or obeys; perdition Shimei, Shimi, that hears or obeys; my reputation; my fame Shimeon, same as Simeon Shimma, same as Shimeah Shimon, providing well; fatness; oil Shimrath, hearing; obedient Shimshai, my son Shimri, thorn; dregs Shimrith, Shimron, same as Shimri Shinab, father of changing Shinar, watch of him that sleeps Shiphi, multitude Shiphrah, handsome; trumpet; that does good Shisha, of marble; pleasant Shishak, present of the bag; of the pot; of the thigh Shitrai, gatherer of money Shittim, thorns Shiza, this gift Shoa, kings; tyrants Shobab, returned; turned back; a spark Shobach, your bonds; your chains Shobai, turning captivity Shobal, path; ear of corn Shobek, made void; forsaken Shochoh, defense; a bough Shoham, keeping back Shomer, keeper; dregs Shophach, pouring out Shophan, rabbit; hid Shoshannim, those that shall be changed Shua, crying; saving Shuah, ditch; swimming; humiliation Shual, fox; path; first Shubael, returning captivity; seat of God Shuham, talking; thinking; humiliation; budding Shulamite, peaceable; perfect; that recompenses Shunem, their change; their sleep Shuni, changed; sleeping Shuphim, Shuppim, wearing them out; their shore Shur, wall; ox; that beholds Shushan, lily; rose; joy Shuthelah, plant; verdure; moist; pot Sia, moving; help Sibbechai, bough; cottage; of springs Sibmah, conversion; captivity Sichem, portion; shoulder Siddim, the tilled field Sidon, hunting; fishing; venison Sigionoth, according to variable songs or tunes, Sihon, rooting out; conclusion Sihor, black; trouble (the river Nile) Silas, three, or the third Silla, exalting Siloa, Siloam, Siloe, same as Shilhi Silvanus, who loves the forest Simeon, that hears or obeys; that is heard Simon, that hears; that obeys Sin, bush Sinai, a bush; enmity Sinim, south country, Sion, noise; tumult Sippai, threshold; silver cup Sinon, a breast-plate; deliverance Sisamai, house; blindness Sisera, that sees a horse or a swallow Sitnah, hatred Sivan, a bush or thorn Smyrna, myrrh So, a measure for grain; vail Socoh, tents; tabernacles Sodi, my secret Sodom, their secret; their cement Solomon, peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses Sopater, Sosipater, who defends the father Sophereth, scribe, numbering Sorek, vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow Sosthenes, savior; strong; powerful Sotai, conclusion in pleading; binding Spain, rare; precious Stachys, spike or ear of corn Stephanas, crown; crowned Stephen, same as Stephanas Suah, speaking; entreating; ditch Succoth, tents; tabernacles Succoth-benoth, the tents of daughters, or young women; or prostitutes Sud, my secret Sur, that withdraws or departs; rebellion Susanna, lily; rose; joy Susi, horse; swallow; moth Sychar, end Syene, a bush; enmity Syntyche, that speaks or discourses Syracuse, that draws violently

Taanach, who humbles thee; who answers thee Taanach-shilo, breaking down a fig-tree Tabbath, good; goodness Tabeal, Tabeel, good God Taberah, burning Tabitha, clear-sighted; a roe-deer Tabor, choice; purity; bruising Tabrimon, good pomegranate; the navel; the middle Tadmor, the palm-tree; bitterness Tahan, beseeching; merciful Tahapenes, secret temptation Tahath, fear; going down Tahpenes, standard; flight; temptation Tahrea, anger; wicked contention Talitha-cumi, young woman, arise Talmai, my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of waters Tamah, blotting or wiping out; smiting Tamar, palm; palm-tree Tammuz, abstruse; concealed; consumed Tanach, same as Taanach Tanhumeth, consolation; repentance Taphath, distillation; drop Tappuah, apple; swelling Tarah, a hair; a wretch; one banished Taralah, searching out slander, or strength Tarea, howling; doing evil Tarpelites, ravishers; succession of miracles Tarshish, contemplation; examination Tarsus, winged; feathered Tartak, chained; bound; shut up Tartan, a general (official title) Tatnai, that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributes Tebah, murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cook Tebaliah, baptism, or goodness, of the Lord Tebeth, good, goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews) Tehinnah, entreaty; a favor Tekel, weight Tekoa, trumpet; that is confirmed Telabib, a heap of new grain Telah, moistening; greenness Telassar, taking away; heaping up Telem, their dew; their shadow Telharsa, suspension of the plow Tel-melah, heap of salt Tema, admiration; perfection; consummation Teman, Temani, the south; Africa; perfect Terah, to breathe; scent; blow Teraphim, images; idols Tertius, third Tertullus, third Tetrarch, governor of a fourth part Thaddeus, that praises or confesses Thahash, that makes haste; that keeps silence Thamah, that blots out; that suppresses Tharah, same as Terah Thebez, muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk Thelasar, same as Telassar Theophilus, friend of God Thessalonica, victory against the Thessalians Theudas, flowing with water Thomas, a twin Thummim, perfection; truth Thyatira, a perfume; sacrifice of labor Tibbath, killing; a cook Tiberias, good vision; the navel Tiberius, the son of Tiber Tibni, straw; hay Tidal, that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation Tiglath-pileser, that binds or takes away captivity Tikvah, hope; a little line; congregation Tilon, murmuring Timeus, perfect; admirable; honorable Timnah, forbidding Timnath, image; figure; enumeration Timnath-heres, or Timnath-serah, image of the sun; numbering of the rest Timon, honorable; worthy Timotheus, honor of God; valued of God Tiphsah, passage; leap; step; the passover Tirhakah, inquirer; examiner; dull observer Tiria, searching out Tirshatha, a governor Tirzah, benevolent; complaisant; pleasing Tishbite, that makes captive Titus, pleasing Toah, weapon; dart Tob, good; goodness Tob-adonijah, my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the Lord Tobiah, Tobijah, the Lord is good Tochen, middle Togarmah, which is all bone Tohu, that lives; that declares Toi, who wanders Tola, worm; grub; scarlet Tolad; a generation Tophel; ruin; folly; without understanding Tophet, a drum; betraying Trachonitis, stony Troas, penetrated Trophimus, well educated; well brought up Tryphena, delicious; delicate Tryphon, masculine of Tryphena Tryphosa, thrice shining Tubal, the earth; the world; confusion Tubal-cain, worldly possession; possessed of confusion Tychicus, casual; by chance Tyrannus, a prince; one that reigns Tyre, Tyrus, strength; rock; sharp

Ucal, power, prevalency Uel, desiring God Ulai, strength; fool; senseless Ulam, the porch; the court; their strength; their folly Ulla, elevation; leaf; young child Ummah, darkened; covered; his people Unni, poor; afflicted; that answers Uphaz, pure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison Upharsin, divided Ur, fire, light, a valley Urbane, courteous Uri, my light, my fire Uriah, or Urijah, the Lord is my light or fire Uriel, same as Uriah Urim, lights; fires Uthai, my iniquity Uz, counsel; words Uzai, he Uzal, wandering Uzzah, strength; goat Uzzen-sherah, ear of the flesh Uzzi, my strength; my kid Uzziah, Uzziel, the strength, or kid, of the Lord

Vajezatha, sprinkling the chamber Vaniah, nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord Vashni, the second; changed; a tooth Vashti, that drinks; thread Vophsi, fragrant; diminution

Zaanannim, movings; a person asleep Zaavan, trembling Zabad, dowry; endowed Zabbai, flowing Zabdi, same as Zabad Zaccai, pure meat; just Zaccheus, pure; clean; just Zaccur, of the male kind; mindful Zachariah, memory of the Lord Zadok, just; justified Zaham, crime; filthiness; impurity Zair, little; afflicted; in tribulation Zalaph, shadow; ringing; shaking Zalmon, his shade; his image Zalmonah, the shade; the sound of the number; his image Zalmunna, shadow; image; idol forbidden Zamzummims, projects of crimes; enormous crimes Zanoah, forgetfulness; desertion Zaphnath-paaneah, one who discovers hidden things Zarah, east; brightness Zareah, leprosy; hornet Zared, strange descent Zarephath, ambush of the mouth Zaretan, tribulation; perplexity Zatthu, olive tree Zaza, belonging to all Zebadiah, portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion Zebah, victim; sacrifice Zebedee, abundant; portion Zebina, flowing now; selling; buying Zeboiim, deer; goats Zebudah, endowed; endowing Zebul, a habitation Zebulun, Zebulon, dwelling; habitation Zechariah, same as Zachariah Zedad, his side; his hunting Zedekiah, the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord Zeeb, wolf Zelah, rib; side; halting Zelek, the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps Zelophehad, the shade or tingling of fear Zelotes, zealous Zelzah, noontide Zemaraim, wool; pith Zemira, song; vine; palm Zenan, coldness; target; weapon Zenas, living Zephaniah, the Lord is my secret Zephath, which beholds; that attends or that covers Zepho, Zephon, that sees and observes; that expects or covers Zer, perplexity Zerah, same as Zarah Zerahiah, the Lord rising; brightness of the Lord Zeredah, ambush; change of dominion Zeresh, misery; strange; dispersed inheritance Zereth, same as Zer Zeror, root; that straitens or binds; that keeps tight Zeruah, leprous; wasp; hornet Zerubbabel, a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion Zeruiah, pain or tribulation of the Lord Zethar, he that examines or beholds Zia, sweat; swelling Ziba, army; fight; strength Zibeon, iniquity that dwells Zibiah, the Lord dwells; deer; goat Zichri, that remembers; that is a man Ziddim, huntings; treasons; destructions Zidkijah, justice of the Lord Zidon, hunting; fishing; venison Zif, this or that; brightness; comeliness Ziha, brightness; whiteness; drought Ziklag, measure pressed down Zillah, shadow; the tingling of the ear Zilpah, distillation from the mouth Zilthai, my shadow; my talk Zimmah, thought; wickedness Zimran, song; singer; vine Zimzi, my field; my vine Zin, buckler; coldness Zina, shining; going back Zion, monument; raised up; sepulcher Zior, ship of him that watches Ziph, this mouth or mouthful; falsehood Ziphron, falsehood of a song; rejoicing Zippor, bird; sparrow; crown; desert Zipporah, beauty; trumpet; mourning Zithri, to hide; demolished Ziz, flower; branch; a lock of hair Ziza, same as Zina Zoan, motion Zoar, little; small Zobah, Zobebah, an army; warring Zohar, white; bright; dryness Zoheleth, that creeps, slides, or draws Zoheth, separation; amazing Zophah, viol; honeycomb Zophar, rising early; crown Zophim, place for a watchman Zorah, leprosy; scab; hornet Zorobabel, same as Zerubbabel Zuar, same as Zoar Zuph, that beholds, observes, watches; roof; covering Zur, stone; rock; that besieges Zuriel, rock or strength of God Zurishaddai, the Almighty is my rock and strength Zuzims, the posts of a door; splendor; beauty

This list is from Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible, published in the 1800s and now in the public domain. It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible-related names and their meanings. 

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