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'While Men Slept'   Inspirational essay on the effects of compromise in the Christian walk

Environmentalism & the Bible  Scriptures, news

Pornography & The Bible  Scriptures, statistics, history, psychological & social effects

Christian Pen Pals  Over 4,500 to choose from! 

Treasures of Darkness  On the Process of Perfection (Maturity) in the Life of the Believer

Gambling and the Christian  Scriptures, statistics, news, history of gambling.

What's in a Name?  Bible names and their meanings

The Lifting Power of the Spirit  by Wade E. Taylor

'I Will Bring Them to Your Door'  Testimony of God's faithfulness to encourage in a time of discouragement.

'I Shall Not Die But Live'  Testimony of how God confirms His word.

'Yo los traeré a tu puerta' Testimony of God's faithfulness in a difficult time. (Spanish)

¿Número Equivocado? ¿o Cita Divina?  Exhortation to be faithful and bold. (Spanish)

Por qué yo dejé el Catolicismo Romano  Testimony about discovering the reality of God. (Spanish)

Suicide and the Bible  Every verse on the topic in one neat outline.

Thanksgiving: A Study in the Scriptures  Every verse on the topic in one neat outline. Also includes a history of the holiday.

Web Site, Transcription & Typing Service Rates  Let Diane build you a web site, transcribe your sermons, etc. Reasonable rates!

Dear Allie  Personal salvation message.

The Life-Saving Station  How churches stray from "the simplicity that is in Christ."

Donors to Gay/Lesbian Groups  Newly updated list of donors.

'A Course in Miracles' - Heresy!  Expose of 

Why Don't Churches Care More?  Frustrations of a hurting reader. (Bible Q&A)

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